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This is our contribution to entrepreneurs around the world

Chances are you have considered starting your own retailing business at some point, and to do so, buying from countries like China, Hong Kong or Taiwan is very common. Maybe you're trying to start this as a part time job to earn an extra income, or you might be considering to become a full time purchasing agent.

That is the reason we've created the AVO System: the first online guide that truly walks you through all the steps you need to fulfill in order to secure your investment when buying abroad. 

We have designed this tool because we found that so many people really don't know how to avoid scams when buying from a factory thousands of miles away from home, and really, purchasing agencies don't take the time to teach customers how the process is done.

Please take some time to test our tool. We have a free version with the basics, and you can give it a try. We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and remember that when you share this information, you will be helping thousands of people in your own network.

AVO Freemium

Always free. This platform provides the basic tools to ensure a safe and effective buying process.​


AVO Freemium includes:

  • Avo Calculator: to clearly determine your investment amount

  • References library: this is our own summary of key readings to understand the basics of buying abroad

  • Checklist of the step by step to ensure your investment is safe at all times

  • Importing agencies references: to lower your costs by just hiring the services you need

  • Our bidding system: to buy in volume together from the same factory

  • Samples clustering to save in shipping for up to five (05) products per month

  • Merchandise clustering

  • Shipping budgeting system for quick reference. Powered by


A more powerful tool with additional elements that will provide you in depth details of your buying activities.

AVO Pro includes:

  • AVOPro Calculator where you can mix two (02) products at the same time

  • Extended library of references with our own recommendations when tackling new markets the way we do it, and additional tools to develop your own brand

  • Extended checklist of activities with additional money-saving recommendations and key steps to protect your investment even further

  • Our own list of importing agencies in US

  • Our bidding system: to buy in volume together from the same factory (up to three items/mo)

  • Samples clustering of up to five items/month

  • Sample testing and review of up to three items/month

  • Shipping budgeting system for quick reference. Powered by

  • Business license audit for up to three companies/month from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan with a summary in English for your reference.

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