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Sourcing from China

soucing from china comprando desde china

Without commissions or hidden fees

How does it work?
soucing from china comprando desde china
Everything starts with an idea...
And some research...
To choose a product you're passionate about
Then we meet up!
To choose our services that best satisfies your needs 
Then we start our  procurement process
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soucing from china comprando desde china

Supplier legal Screening

Selection and Negotiation



Logistics & Supply Chain

Delivery & Follow up

In the meantime you...

Set up your Shop

Work on Marketing

Spend time at the Beach

Set up your Storage

Receive your Goods

I loved the sample service, they inspect every detail to the fullest. I am very confident to buy in China having a purchasing agent that guides me in everything I need to know how to negotiate with the Chinese market in Alibaba. I saved a lot of money by having all my samples in a single shipment and reducing the investment risk and a provider does not offer me what I want. I keep trying to find other samples without problem.

Vanessa, Germany

Customers Reviews

Very good advice, they answered all my questions and quickly. Thank you very much, I clarified all my doubts.
Now I have a reliable logistics service that helps me organize my purchases and send them to my country from China. Thank you!

Marta, Chile

Buying on Aliexpress was a nightmare in addition to the shipping prices were extremely high. Now with the team of AVO Trading Company we can place several purchases together and save a lot on shipping! In addition the inspection service is very good. Everything comes to me as I wish.

Daniel, USA

Sourcing From China

Supply Chain & Logistics

This service is perfect for those of you who need to outsource your procurement needs when sourcing from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. 

If you're currently buying from Alibaba, we can ensure you our process will reduce your costs at least 85% when sampling your goods and selecting suppliers. 

Likewise, if you are already sourcing from China, we invite you to request a free quotation from us and increase the number of options you have. 

Private Labeling

Product Launching

This is one of the topics that we like the most: new product development and prototyping. We know creativity is limitless, and we provide tools to keep it like that. When we do private labeling, we handpick suppliers from top-notch sourcing channels to ensure the quality and results that you expect. Planning a wise investment can be difficult, and that's why we run our services and fees at the entrepreneurs' budget level.


Fraud prevention and correction

We know how to gather insightful information about the companies you're doing business with. Some of the countries we cover include: Panama, Costa Rica, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, and India. Some of the documents we can get for you are: official registry, list of company's management, investors information, share transactions, allocations, start up capital, and even pictures and videos in some cases.

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Office 316, #7 Huasheng Rd. Xiamen City, Fujian. China

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About us

From communications issues, to a lack of a reliable foreign network, the risks associated with international transactions are costly and require a good time to trim details here and there. We understand that small to medium sized enterprises are challenged to be profitable, and affording a full time agent is not always a choice for starters. ​Therefore we founded AVO Trading Company, attending the need of having a transparent and affordable international purchasing agent that specializes in private labeling and sourcing.

We serve as as a link connecting businesses globally. We utilize our expertise and skills to reduce boundaries, and offer personalized services and products to our clients.

You can click on our pictures or visit our LinkedIn profiles to learn more about each one of us. 

By March 2019 we inaugurated our second commercial office located in Xiamen, China city downtown.

Historically it has been an important maritime port in the area and a great economic enclave. Today it is considered one of the best cities in China to live, as well as being an interesting tourist destination. Xiamen is a modern and prosperous city, with 3,531,347 inhabitants according to 2010 data. The metropolitan area includes the islands of Xiamen and Gulangyu.

This has given us the opportunity to offer superior quality control and flexibility for our customers who want to invest in Chinese products.

In addition, our registration and presence in Taiwan are still valid for those companies that have their attention on the neighboring country.


Office 316, #7 Huasheng Rd. Xiamen City, Fujian. China

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