Product Sample Management

manejo de muestras product sample management
85% faster and cheaper shipping rates

Thanks to our office location, express shipping fees start from USD$2

Free samples more frequently

Your suppliers will be more willing to provide free shipping + sample due to our location.

Recover your money

If the sample does not meet your quality standards, you can use our QC report and pictures to get your money back.

How does it work?

Please request your samples delivery to our address below:

福建省湖里区华盛路7号 316 单位

Office 316, 7 Huasheng rd, Huli dist, Xiamen city, Fujian
Tlf: +886988609536
To: Pablo Martinez / AVO Trading Company

Shipping type: SF (Suen Fong) Express

Then, send us the tracking number and product details to our email address:

You will receive a notification when the products arrive to start the quality check process

How much?

Each quality check service including high quality pictures is USD$10/sample

Do you have 5 identical samples from one supplier?

Your total is USD$10

Do you have 3 different product samples from the same supplier?

Your total is USD$30

Do you have 3 identical products from 3 different suppliers?

Your total is USD$30

Do you have more questions?

Chat with us! Or email at:

Products we can sample test

Clothing, textiles, and accessories: clothes, dresses, fabrics, buttons, leather, furniture cover, sets of sheets and blankets, and towels.

Fashion accessories: belts, caps, hats, caps, gloves, scarves, ties, hair accessories, lenses, sunglasses, costume jewelry, sporting goods.

Accessories for vehicles: cup holders, steering wheel protectors, internal decoration, electronic equipment.

Bags, shoes, and accessories: backpacks, handbags, purses, camera bags, shoes, sandals, boots.

Computing and electronics: VPN, keyboard protectors, accessories for laptops, hard drivers, USB drivers, portable drivers, cooling pads for laptops, modems, routers.

Household items: kitchen accessories, kitchen utensils, electric coffee makers, fans up to 20 ", blenders, vacuum cleaners.

Electronic articles: telephones and accessories, portable batteries, housings, cables, speakers, headphones.

Gifts, toys, sports: gym accessories like dumbbells, sporting goods in general, toys for any international market, key chains.

Office supplies: tape, furniture in general, art items, calendars, books, erase boards, calculators, organizers, clipboards, easels.


These are some of the many items we can receive for a quality review and high resolution photographs. If you do not see your product in the list, contact us!

Office 316, #7 Huasheng Rd. Xiamen City, Fujian. China

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